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Our core mission is to provide quality training to resonsible people who want to protect themseleves and their family. 

We offer medical, home defense, concealed carry, women's self defense, instructor-level, NRA, and many other forms of training.

We pride ourselves on the attention and time we take in helping make those who are NEW TO GUNS feel comfortable, safe, and positive about the experience. Safety is the most important lesson to bel learned in the beginning and carried throughout, and we hear we do a great job with making people feel comfortable about it. 


Our instructors are all at a minimum NRA Basic Pistol instructors and our training staff has a wide variety of law enforcement, military, and professional training backgrounds. 

You can always stop in the facility and speak to any of our staff about PRIVATE TRAINING, or other events or needs you may be interested in. 


The link below will take you to our FaceBook events page where we keep all our of training and recreational events posted to keep our members and those seeking training and fun informed about what is coming up. 





We have a 10-lane bay and a 3-lane VIP bay for members. We are able to accomodate most handguns, shotguns, and rifles. 

Range fees are for ALL-DAY and include safety equipment, so no rush.


We also have a growing inventory of RENTAL GUNS that you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! 


The indoor range is a SAFE and convienent way for people to have fun with firearms as well as train with them for the purpose of self-defense. 


We have full air conditioning and heat in the range and plenty of light to make your shooting experience clean, safe, and enjoyable. 


The range is open to the public after filling out our online waiver. (link above)

Our full-size bulletproof windows allow for friends and family to watch from the comfort of our lobby while taking a break or waiting their turn. 

Feel free to call or come in and ask our staff anything you would like to know about how the range operates or how to become a member.

The link below will explain more about the specifics of our membership program, the fees and rules for using the range, and some of the menities our range offers.  



We carry a full selection of firearms, ammunition, holsters, cases, cleaning equipment, and accessories for personal protection concealed carry, home defense, and recreational shooting. 




Our staff places the importance of you having the PROPER equipment to fit your needs over making a sale. It is of the uptmost importance to us that you have the tools you need to properly defend yourself and your family. 



If we do not have what you need, then we can almost always order it quickly. We also facilitate online gin sales via FFL transfer for those who purchase a firearm online. However, we would advise you check with us first, because while we might not be able to beat all prices, we can come close and you are buying local and supporting a range as well as a local gun store. 



The link below will take you to some pictures of the inside of our retail space. We also have a webstore with some of the profducts we carry here: